Yamaha provides 2 types, namely the New Jupiter MX 4 speed non-clutch and 5 speed clutch.

Jupiter MX Yamaha will launch the latest on 28 November 2010. Before trying out this new motor performance, we should first review with a difference New Jupiter Jupiter
MX MX version of the whole body of Jupiter MX lama.Secara looks berubah.Sayap or fairing also affected. The interface now looks wider than the lama.Desain larger headlamp and speedometer rounded design is different from the old version melebar.Sementara New Jupiter MX tail section looks more pointy. Including the house lights to stop now that adopt smoke desian indicating lamp life left muda.Handle New Jupiter MX.Ukuran rim and front tire New Jupiter MX is the same as the version that lama.Pengereman new motor is more perfect with the braking system disc brake on rear tires , especially the Yamaha has pinned wide tires 100/70/17 with rims 250 on belakang.Melongok to the New Jupiter MX engine clutch. System rose to 5 speed transmission, the old version only 4 percepatan.Salah only Jupiter MX rope clutch that had been on the right machine, now moved to the left rear mesin.Ban new Jupiter-sized MX 100/70/17 with rims 250.

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