Motor jadul modified by Fandy Liong is Honda CB 200 output 1976.

Honda CB 200 Retro
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Love the old stuff does not mean that age is not young. That was just talking about taste. As Fandy Liong, who was born December 15, 1985 which modified the motor jadulnya, Honda CB 200 Retro Racer.Motor 1976 with the concept of output in 1976 was just overhauled the casisnya saja.Sang owner,
Since its introduction, the first automatic duck in Indonesia, Honda Revo AT Techno start a new trend combines comfort with typical agility of a motor scooter with a duck.
Because the dense atmosphere usually found in big cities make use of automatic transmission motorcycles become a trend in itself.
Here it is Honda Tiger  MV AGUSTA Look who has dipermak like MV Agusta.
Coolie Junaidi dream to own a motor sport finally materialized. After his 2002 Honda Tiger dipermak like MV Agusta.Junaidi entrust her beloved motorcycle to be modified by the cold hand of Topo Goedel Atmodjo (Tauco Custom).
HONDA CS 1 MODIFIED CUSTOM CBR Donny Dwi Budianto, the man from Samarinda, motor overhaul its CS-1 to look plump. Overhaul of the motor is generating cost of Rp 70 juta.Tangki Honda Motor Tiger pinned add CS-1 is seen kekar.Untuk modify this bike, Donny willing to pay Rp70 front juta.Pelek Honda CS-1
Yamaha provides 2 types, namely the New Jupiter MX 4 speed non-clutch and 5 speed clutch.

Jupiter MX Yamaha will launch the latest on 28 November 2010. Before trying out this new motor performance, we should first review with a difference New Jupiter Jupiter
HONDA CB100 OLD BEAUTIFUL BIKEClassic vintage motor nan if modified by fitting the results will definitely charming. Like the Honda CB100 motorcycle owned by Donny Budi Setiawan Budi modified by modifiers Murtono.motor output in 1971 is seen captured after modified by Budi Murtono.Diselimuti Orange color 1971 Honda CB 100 this gives the impression that this bike is so soft and looks very muda.untuk modify this old motorcycle, the owner issued a fee of $ 25 juta.Untuk the handlebar, handlebar modifier to replace it with Kawasaki Ninja.
 First Shot Ride 2011 Ducati 848 EVO Superbike
 First Shot Ride 2011 Ducati 848 EVO Superbike

The road holding capabilities of Pirelli’s Diablo Supercorsa SP rubber is absolutely amazing. This is what full-on DOT race tires felt like just a few years ago. Fresh for 2011, Italy’s legendary motorcycling brand, Ducati, has released a new middleweight sportbike dubbed the 848 EVO Superbike. This new motorcycle replaces the standard 848 and offers increased braking, acceleration and handling performance for less dough than before with its price now starting at $12,995, a full grand less than its predecessor.
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