The Motorcycle was named Saline Bird Concept  Motorcycle,it was designed by french designer, he inspired to designed environmental-friendly Motorcycle,
Saline Bird Green Concept  
When you think of green vehicles, the last thing that comes to mind is elegant. But the French designer Charles-Edouard Berco, Ugo Spanish Fuinesl Adrien, and Jean-Philippe Frédéric Dobbelstein partes disagree. They invented the concept of eco-design of the bike is called saline Bird. Featuring an elegant air, and which is made mostly of carbon fiber to keep the bike light and robust,  Saline Bird Concept   uses compressed air is pumped out of the two tanks, to run. Riders had to lean forward to improve the  Saline Bird Concept    aerodynamics of the vehicle, certainly seems like a Mean Green Motorcycle. Let's see if the engineers can do this at a speed demon of the actual product. Kick Starter, perhaps?

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