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In the class 125cc, Zone was indeed famous with the speed and his stability. With the maximum power 9.9 PS to 8000 RPM and maximum torsion 10.64 Nm to 4000 RPM, Zone really true proved the speed that trapped... really satisfactory. The stability test to several motors of the same class again showed that the zone was the stablest motor. Imagined ketka you in the "great" situation "speed" and met by the truck take by the hand, reoutasi the stability of the zone will bring you in the security and high-level comfort.

Type Mesin : 4 langkah, SOHC 2 Katup
Diameter x Langkah : 56,0 x 50,6mm
Jumlah & Isi Silinder : Satu buah & 124,6cc
Perbandingan Kompresi : 9.5 : 1
Daya Maksimum : 9,9 PS / 8.000 RPM
Torsi Maksimum : 10,64 Nm / 4.000 RPM
Karburator : Keihin PB 18
Jumlah Transmisi : 4 speed
Pola Pengoperan Gigi : N-1-2-3-4 ( Rotary )
Tipe Sistem Reduksi Primer : Gear
Kopling : Centrifugal, Multiple Wet Disk
Rasio Gigi 1 : 3.000 ( 36/21 )
Rasio Gigi 2 : 1.938 ( 31/16 )
Rasio Gigi 3 : 1.350 ( 27/20 )
Rasio Gigi 4 : 1.087 ( 25/23 )
Tipe sistem final drive : Chain drive
Final Gear : 2.600 ( 39/15 )
Drive rasio keseluruhan : 9.634 @ top gear
Sistem Pengapian : DC-CDI
Sistem Pelumasan Oli : Forced Lubrication ( Wet Sump )
Sistem Pendinginan : Pendinginan dengan udara
Sistem Penyaringan Oli : DFLS ( Double Filter Lubrication System ), filter ganda
Kapasitas Pelumas Mesin : 1,1 liter ( kering )
Tipe Oli Mesin : API SE, SF atau SG / SAE 10W-40
Kapasitas Tangki Bahan Bakar : 4,5 liter
Busi : NGK C6HSA
PanjangxlebarxTinggi : 1915mm x 700mm x 1040mm
Tinggi Tempat Duduk : 750mm
Jarak Poros Roda : 1.240mm
Jarak terendah ke tanah : 130mm
Berat kosong : 102 kg
Tipe Rangka : Full Frame
Suspensi Depan : Teleskopik
Suspensi Belakang : Swing Arm
Tipe & Ukuran Ban Depan : 2,50 – 17 4PR
Tipe & Ukuran Ban Belakang : 2,75 – 17 4PR
Rem Depan : Cakram Twin Pot
Rem Belakang : Drum / Tromol
Pelek Roda : Spoke-KazeZoneR,CastWheelAluminiumAlloy-KazeZoneVR

Baju dan Accessoris kawasaki Keren

Souvenir of The Month this could be received by you by sending again the questionnaire that was filled up to PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia. The questionnaire will be given to customer Kawasaki that bought the motor in dealer-dealer official Kawasaki. Customer will also get Thanksletter Card good-looking as our appreciation proof.

Type : 2-tak,crankcase reedvalve,SuperKIPS,HSAS
Diameter x Langkah : 59,0 x 54,4mm
Sistem Pendinginan : Pendinginan dengan air
Jumlah & Isi Silinder : Satu buah & 148cc
Perbandingan Kompresi : 6,8 : 1
Daya Maksimum : 22,1 KW ( 30,1 PS ) / 10.500 RPM
Torsi Maksimum : 21,6 Nm / 9.000 RPM
Karburator : Mikuni VM 28
Sistem Starter : Kick
Jumlah Transmisi : 6 speed, constant mesh, return shift
Tipe system reduksi primer : Gear
Rasio reduksi : 3,272 ( 72/22 )
Kopling : Wet, multi disc
Tipe Transmisi : 6 speed, constant mesh, return shift
Rasio Gigi : Ke-1 2.700 ( 27/10 )
Ke-2 1.706 ( 29/17 )
Ke-3 1.300 ( 26/20 )
Ke-4 1.090 ( 24/22 )
Ke-5 0.952 ( 20/21 )
Ke-6 0.863 ( 19/22 )
Tipe sistem final drive : Chain drive
Rasio reduksi : 3.000 ( 42/14 )
Drive rasio keseluruhan : 8.479 @ top gear
Sistem Pelumasan Oli : Oil Injection
Kapasitas Oli Samping : 1 liter
Kapasitas Oli Transmisi/Mesin : 0,87 liter
Knalpot / Muffler : Catalic Converter
Kapasitas Coolant : 1,3 liter
Suspensi Depan : Telescopic Fork Suspension
Suspensi Belakang : Monoshock Suspension
Rem Depan : Rem Cakram Twin Pot
Rem Belakang : Rem Cakram Twin Pot
Ban Depan : 90/90-17 49S Tube-type
Ban Belakang : 110/80-17 57S Tube-type
PanjangxlebarxTinggi : 1975mm x 719mm x 1090mm
Tinggi Tempat Duduk : 780mm
Jarak Poros Roda : 1.305mm
Jarak ke tanah : 145mm
Berat : 124,5 kg
Isi tangki bensin : 10,8 liter
Baterai : 12 V 4 Ah
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Kawasaki Ninja RR

motor Cross over It means combination between Bebek, Skutik, Hyper Underbone and Sport bike it is like Ducati with Multistrada
Suzuki Satria FU, Jupiter MX dan Performance
The Skutik market and the Standar Duck could be affected by the current! Degan riding position that familiar the simple alias as well as as usual - Honda fame that could gain the lay consumer easily, meaning that the market of the Standard duck that was in the range 12-14 million rupiah could easily digembosi by the Cross motor over this one. Whereas for Skutik where the practicability became the mainstay namum together with increasingly was enjoyed by him skutik dikalangan bikers the man then the requirement between the practicability and the performance to increasingly the ray. So as could be more or less the prospective consumer skutik trutama that continued to crave the performance

Apart from the performance of the machine, the outside appearance of the motor also might not lupa was paid attention to. The body, glasses, and the wheel of the motor that every day was affected debu and his certain pollution was increasingly dull. Nah, although the vehicle kesayangan kinclong again, take note tips this. Treated the beloved motor could be the pleasant activity untuk passed the holiday day. Not must be very old, was enough 10 minutes kendaraan your favourite was again seen like just.

1. as prefix begins from 'oily parts', for example
suspension, wheel, and engine. use special cleaner that is sold at
automotive stores or suggested by automotive magazine. when
clean oil remainder that cling, use soft brush to prevents
scratch. syringe suspension and engine with remover special liquid
dirt for motor. koid use detergen commonly use
for household use. ingredient that implied in detergent
can cause Corrossion.

2. The syringe of all the motor part with the cleaner and the remover of the motor stain.

3. Used the hose, the syringe slowly all the part motor with clean water. After being finished, keringkan with cloth that lembut or cloth have material chamois that usually is yellow. Keringkan immediately to avoid the water stain.

4. Stratified polish of motor parts chrome, alumunium, stainless steel, and stratified parts the paint. Materials pemoles ini was available in the supermarket or the automotive shop.

5. Setelah polesan merata, bersihkan dengan lap kering yang lembut.

6. Badan dan mesin sekarang sudah kinclong. Giliran ban yang perlu
polesan. Gunakan sampo pembersih ban untuk mencuci bersih ban dari sisa
tanah, debu, dan kotoran yang menempel. Basuh dengan air hangat lalu
lekas keringkan dengan lap untuk menghindari noda air pada jeruji ban.
Setelah itu, gunakan semir ban agar lebih bersinar.

7. Jika motor anda menggunakan kaca depan, jangan lupa bersihkan kaca
dengan air hangat yang telah dicampur sabun. Setelah itu, langsung

8. Terakhir, beri minyak/pelumas untuk rantai motor anda. Pelumas
semacam ini bisa ditemukan di toko otomotif atau bengkel motor.

Jorge Lorenzo

The Doctor Valentono Rossi Wins

Pedrosa Daniel At the show,

The federation of the international motorcycle (Federation Internationale Motocyclise = FIM) issued the calendar MotoGP during the race season 2009. The number of series of the race still be the same as this year took place totalling 18 series. There were several changes, among them the opener race back to the long tradition, afterwards had the country that was kicked as the implementation and there is one that is changing the schedule. During next year, gelaran the opener MotoGP never again in March, but returned to April in Losail, Qatar. In this Arabian country the race took place tonight, same like last year and was recorded by the only one. From the schedule that was launched, China did not enter that was finished really his contract four first years since 2005. This means that, this year became the last Valentino appearance in the Shanghai circuit. As the replacement, FIM tried to return to Eastern Europe by putting again Hongaria. Only not in the Hungaroring circuit, Budapest, but was spread out in the new Balatonring circuit. The change in the implementation event was experienced by Japan. When now was allotted the allocation in September, Tahun Depan went up to the series

The New Generations Of Ducati Monster dengan modelnya yang berubah cukup banyak akan mulai meramaikan pasar Moge tahun ini. Motornya sih belum mulai masuk production, tapi sudah di release. Paling baru mulai masuk pasar pertengahan tahun ini. Dan kini orang2 sudah mulai sibuk membayangkan bisa dimodif seperti apa Monster baru ini. Ini Model basicnya Monster 696:

Bozz Ducati Corse, Claudio Domenicali, revealed various finishings (improvement) that was carried out in GP8…!!! He said that Desmosedici GP8.. was the evolution from GP7…!!! So not too radical laaagh penyempurnaannya…!!! According to him, the motor of Desmosedici GP7 … in fact not was masalah…!!! However various finishings indeed diperlukan… so that continue to guarded ’superioritas’ against the other competitor..!!! :D His finishing was carried out to various area…!!! Chasisnya dibenerin… where frame that was used more ringan…!!! However could give the effect of optimal torsion.. but reduced the occurrence ‘chattering’ the alias getaran… that sometimes happened in the season race 2009 The suspension geometry him also experienced improvement… to reduce the effect ‘pumping’ that happened to several race in the year 2009


The Ducati MotoGP Team has completed a two-day test at the Brno circuit in the Czech Republic in impressive style today, with Casey Stoner setting a sensational pace and declaring himself happy with development of the GP8 and the Bridgestone tyres. On another hot and sunny day, with track and ambient temperatures reaching 29 and 54 degrees respectively, Stoner lapped until 16:00h and completed 40 laps in the low 1'56s - eventually clocking a 1'55.9 on a new race tyre. The Australian also tested a new qualifying tyre, posting the best time of the day with a 1'55.855, more than a second inside his own pole position record. Marco Melandri lapped until lunchtime and was also satisfied with the set-up work completed, especially with the solutions found by his crew on the first day.
The next appointment for the Ducati MotoGP Team is the San Marino Grand Prix on 31st August.

Casey Stoner (Ducati MotoGP Team): 1'55.904 (race tyres) 1'55.855 (qualifying tyre)

"I'm really happy with how these two days have gone. The changes we made to the setting yesterday have proven to be very positive today too. They allowed me to repeat my time from yesterday on a new experimental tyre and on the same tyre I used on Sunday, and then take another couple of tenths off on a new tyre again. Bridgestone are doing a great job but more than anything I'm pleased with this new set-up, which has improved all areas of bike performance and will be useful for the next race. I tried two new qualifiers as well but to be honest I wasn't pushing them that hard because at the moment I'm not concerned by our qualifying performances - I just want to concentrate on how to improve in the races and try to do the best possible job from now to the end of the championship. "

Marco Melandri (Ducati MotoGP Team) 1'58.927 (race tyre)

"Today we started out well on the first run, then we made a few changes that didn't really improve the setting that we had for the race, so we decided to end the test early. We did a good job yesterday and found the right path to follow, which should allow us to use a softer tyre in future and seems to be more suited to my riding style. I did well at Misano last year and I can't wait to race there again."

Circuit Record: Casey Stoner (Ducati - 2008) 1'57.199
Pole position: Valentino Rossi (Yamaha - 2006), 1'56.191

Unofficial lap times: Tuesday 19th August

1. Casey STONER (Ducati) 1:55.855
2. Valentino ROSSI(Yamaha) 1:56.613
3. Loris CAPIROSSI (Suzuki) 1:57.132
4. Chris VERMEULEN (Suzuki) 1:57.483
5. Shinya NAKANO(Honda) 1:57.559
6. Jorge LORENZO(Yamaha) 1:57.600
7. Niccolo CANEPA (Ducati) 1:57.639
8. James TOSELAND (Yamaha) 1:58.007
9. Olivier JACQUE (Kawasaki) 1:58.483
10. Marco MELANDRI (Ducati) 1:58.927
11. Anthony WEST (Kawasaki) 1:59.010

BMW presentsis the ideal combination of state-of-the-art security standards with the adaptability of a sporting four-wheel drive vehicle. The new BMW X5 Security guarantees effective and tailor-made protection from criminal attacks and other hazards. Based on the successful Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) BMW X5, the new BMW X5 Security has room for up to five passengers and provides a superior drive train and chassis technology, which allows drivers to master even challenging situations and terrain with confidence. Due to this combination, the new BMW X5 Security is unique in the security vehicle segment. It meets all challenges of day-to-day traffic as well as to situations that require special protection and flexible reactions.

Accelerating from naught to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds.

The new BMW X5 Security has a strong 261 kW/355 hp V8 engine. The large, 4.8 liter eight-cylinder powerplant mobilizes a maximum torque of 475 Nm at 3,400 rpm. Accelerating from naught to 100 km/h in only 7.5 seconds, the BMW X5 Security's top speed is limited electronically to 210 km/h. In addition to the engine performance the intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system ensures dynamic and superior thrust at all times. The constantly, electronically controlled all-wheel drive is networked via DSC Dynamic Stability Control to variably distribute the drive power between front and rear wheels. This way, xDrive promotes dynamic driving and on-road stability as well as off-road traction.
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The new BMW X5 Security is the only vehicle of its segment to meet the requirements of the VR4 ballistic protection level. Its security options, which include armored passenger and baggage compartments as well as safety glazing, have been specially developed for this model and tested as part of the product development process. The integration of protective components has been taken into consideration during the development of the BMW X5 model and establishes ideal prerequisites for equipping the BMW X5 Security with highly effective security technology ex works.

Modifikasi Motor Mio
Modifikasi Motor Mio soul Comes to be The dark Mio

Yamaha Mio Sporty, Mio Soul, Modifikasi

Engine Spesification Of Old Mio and Mio soul Is the Same,Oly the body changes
Here Are The Full Story Of Modification

The Engine
Mesin : 4 langkah, SOHC 2-Klep pendingin udara, AIS (Air Induction System) EURO 2 Ready
Diameter x Langkah : 50.0mm x 57.9 mm
Kapasitas Silinder : 113.7 CC
RatioKompresi : 8.8 : 1
Tipe Kopling : Kering, Sentrifugal Otomatis
Isi silinder : Tunggal
Karburator : Keihin NCV24×1
Sistem pengapian : DC-CDI
Sistem pelumasan : Wet Sump
Kapasitas Oli Mesin : 0.9 Liter
Transmisi : V-Belt Otomatis
Rasio Gigi : 2.399 - 0.829
Caster / Trail : 26.5 derajat/ 100 mm
Tipe Rem Depan : Hydraulic Disc brake dengan Single Piston
Tipe Rem Belakang : Teromol

Berat Kosong : 87 Kg
Tipe Rangka : Steel Tube
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar : 3,7 Liter Bensin Leaded / unleaded
Jarak Sumbu Roda : 1,240 mm
Jarak terendah ke Tanah : 130 mm
Tinggi Tempat Duduk : 745 mm

Suspensi / Ban
Suspensi Depan : Teleskopik
Suspensi Belakang : Teleskopik
Ukuran Ban Depan :70/90-14MC 34P
Ukuran Ban Belakang : 80/90-14MC 34P

Dimensi (P x L x T) : 1,820 x 675 x 1,050 mm
Sistem Starter : Kick & Electric
Daya Maksimum : 6.54 Km (8.9 ps) / 8,000 rpm
Torsi Maksimum : 7.84 Nm (0.88 kgf.m) / 7,000 rpm

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