Since its introduction, the first automatic duck in Indonesia, Honda Revo AT Techno start a new trend combines comfort with typical agility of a motor scooter with a duck.
Because the dense atmosphere usually found in big cities make use of automatic transmission motorcycles become a trend in itself.

In addition, the agility of a motorcycle must also have an attraction. These two things combined is dedicated to Honda through AT Revo Techno.Do not want to wait a long time, detikOto opportunity to test this bike to explore the wilderness of Jakarta without a police escort as well as the usual testing done motor manufacturers.AT Revo technology that carries Automatic Continuous Variable (CV-matic) quite comfortable to drive, though somewhat disturbed with seats that are still hard as the standard Revo.The path we choose to try out AT Revo is not a special track, but a typical jam-prone path Jakarta.When the machine is turned on, the kitchen was 110 cc runway rumble. Once the gas, direct motor drive. When I first tried it, there is little sense clumsy. It's nothing, pass the custom motorcycle gear like a duck is no longer found in the Revo AT.
Footstep left the ordinary into the gears on the motor duck in general no longer exists.

Not long after leaving the AFP office in numbers Pejaten, South Jakarta, directly facing congestion.In situations like this that carried automatic transmission AT Revo proven reliable. Moreover congestion we are forced to apply a stop & go is exhausting. But with automatic transmission, it did not happen.AT Revo riding in a traffic jam feels very comfortable. Moreover, the agility of a motorcycle duck still exist in the DNA motor that has a wheelbase is 1252 mm.

No doubt, the action-skid salve amid congestion was so much better made than the motor matik like scooter. Ground clerance Revo AT 136 mm high as feels comfortable. Making the foot can tread the earth firmly.Not only that, AT Revo Honda engine cooling system to adopt dual refrigeration and cooling air to the engine room CVT with engine motor oil the same as duck proved to be effective to maintain the engine temperature.
Any engine so it is not easy to heat that ultimately makes the rider comfortable because it is not too hot at the foot of the machine is located.
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