The Night race was asked for by Digeser

Jakarta - the Coldness of the temperature during the night race made several rider asked the night race in Qatar to be changed by his schedule.
If being agreed to this had the potential to change all rangkain the series MotoGP the front season.
It were Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and Loris Capirossi that have sent the request officially so that implementation time of the race of the season night 2009 was postponed.
If this season was spread out in March, then next year possibly will be carried out in April.
The coldness of the temperature during the race to the reason of the three racing drivers from three different manufacturers asked the Qatari Series to be shifted.
The temperature of the night in Qatar was indeed warmer through to 20 levels celcius in April, now when being spread out nigh race first two last week his temperature was in the range 13 levels celcius.
"We have spoken with penyelenggaran Qatar and was said by them if in April his temperature could be warmer five or six levels and that not bad."
The temperature 20 levels in the tracks at 11 o'clock in the evening were better compared to 13 levels.
Dorna really was open to accept this request, said Loris Capirossi in MCN.
Shifted-shifted the series not the matter that was not possible to be done in the site of MotoGP. Tapi that afterwards became the problem was the existence of the agreement between the Losail side with Dorna that Qatar will become the series of the season opener for eight years and 2016.
With the condition as this of the only option that was available was to reverse the beginning of the season of MotoGP. Jika this year the first series was spread out in March, then could be the first series just will be tricked in April.
"Qatar wanted to become the series" of the "opener each season and same was current during the front season and possibly we could postpone the beginning" of the "season," pungkas the Italia racing driver.
This condition was considered to be ironic considering during first spread out the race last 2004, many racing drivers complain about hot him the temperature that achieved 40 levels celcius.
But after spreading out the night race, the cold temperature that dikomplain.
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