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- Although not yet recovering correctly John Hopkins felt 100 percent were ready to rise in Jerez later.
Rider Kawasaki this was determined to want to improve disappointing results during the first series in Qatar.
Hopkins apparently the difficulty of progressing during the night race in the degree in Qatar early of the previous month.
He must be satisfied the finish in the 12th position.
The other hindrance he really did not yet recover from the injury when experiencing the collision in Australia last January.
Nevertheless, rider from the United States this tried convincing that he could do well in Spain this week end.
The "injury in Phillip Island my muscle was not yet restored fully but all walked well," said Hopkins.
"Although the muscle became the problem, I felt 100 percent were ready for the race and has been was really impatient."
Of course tried to improve my position from during results in Qatar then, he accused as being launched by the Sport car.
Hopkins then admitted to being impatient in competing in Jerez because all of them were ready.
"We worked in the tyre election but also setting that was good."
Very pleasant returned to Europe for the race.
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