This is first look of Nuda 900 ,The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Husqvarna to BMW's two-wheel division in the birth of two new models Nuda Nuda 900 and 900R whose specification is higher than the first. Both models are built with the soul and spirit which is based on ancestral lineage, performance and experience on the racecourse.

Ancestral lineage here is an Italian flair styling is mated with innovation and technological prowess of the BMW Group. The result, the Nuda nongollah that has the look and niked cross between supermoto bike.

The role of the BMW Group are here to supply the BMW F800 engine capacity 798 cc parallel twin. But by Husqvarna capacity of the heart pacemaker is raised again to 898 cc.

How, dimensions diameter (bore) contrived 2mm larger than the default 84 mm, as well as a step piston (stroke) contrived longer be 81 mm (up 5.4 mm). Not only that, the compression ratio is also raised by modifying the piston, camshaft and crankshaft konrod that with redesigned.

With it's polished, has a maximum power of 105HP Nuda with 78 lb-ft of torque. Despite great effort, with a capacity of 13 liters tank can travel the farthest distance of 260 km.
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