Suzuki Hayate Full Specification. Although detikOto crossed a Suzuki dealer in the area east of Jakarta, Wednesday (22.03.2011) not by chance saw a new vision of Suzuki Hayate, the engine that uses football as a brand ambassadornya Bachdim Irfan.I can not wait to see more clearly, the vehicle was parked detikOto immediately right at the Suzuki dealership. "Yeah, come over," said the guard at the showroom in detikOto Hayate is correct.Suzuki Hayate Full Specification

In terms of design, Hayate seems to be different dgantikannya Skywave. Another difference bongsor skutik looks from front to back.It 's just 125cc are still used in the same Skywave. Perhaps Suzuki felt the magnitude 9.6 hp engine is perfectly capable of breaking a top speed of Hayate.So what about prices? "The price of gold is still provisional, but if the center said 14.3 million, a bit of Skywave," said the guard who does not want his name mentioned.An overview of the vehicle similar to the Suzuki Skywave. Suzuki Hayate still show a fairly large body despite a shorter length compared to Suzuki Skywave.Suzuki Hayate Full Specification
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