Many of the we who liked the modification of the motor (modif), but many also that not.
In general that admitted to liking even to make the hobby.
Moreover many also that finally had been the maniac modif.
On the other hand, that was not happy modif regarded modif was dangerous and caused the cost more (wasteful).
In fact, very nearly all the motors have experienced the modification a little or many.
Possibly the person did not realise did modif because tampilan the motor still the standard.
In fact an amount item experienced the change.
The substitute for the stronger spark-plug, the substitute stang that was more comfortable, the substitute for the more good-looking and clear light model was modif simple.
Therefore, that was important from the modification was the aim and his function.
The aim of the good modification was to increase the achievement and tampilan the motor so as safer, comfortable, fast, and the style.
Safer because the good modification will use the implement that usually after market or the waste copotan the motor import that his quality was better.
Faster because with the modification, good the machine capacity could be maximised, or the control capacity (handling) more was maximised.
Nah, especially this: more the style.
With modif, tampilan the standard ga again culun.
The blend of various accessories and the device body, ajrutan, the paint, etc., could make the motor really interesting: more macho or sweet, depended appetite.
Modif-1-tiger-fitra-abar.jpgTentu modif needed the cost.
So, his key word was modif light, while, heavy, and the extreme.
Remained chose in accordance with appetite and the pocket.
Who that not kepincut with the motor modif in the style of mV Agusta F4+Yamaha R1 in this edition?
If you were interested modif, begins now.
But be careful, very much tried would not ended until the motor was sold

Contoh modifikasi edisi ini:
Model: MV Agusta F4+Yamaha R1
Aliran: Sport
Motor: Tiger 2000
Sok depan: Up-side down eks Cagiva Mito
Swingarm: Honda CBR400
Disk depan: Yamaha TZR125
Pelek dpn: Yamaha TZR125, 2,75-17
Pelek blkg: Yamaha TZR125, 3,50-17
Ban: Battlax, 100/80-17, 130/70-17
Footstep: Kawasaki Ninja
Knalpot: Karbon
Properti: Abrar Fitra

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